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AI Ticket Autofill for Zendesk: Simplify Support with Smart Data Extraction

Have you ever calculated how much time your support team spends manually processing ticket information?

Every minute spent on manual data entry and information extraction from support tickets is a minute lost in addressing customer issues promptly. Knots understands this challenge well, so we’ve introduced a solution: the AI Ticket Autofill app for Zendesk. We now help our customers save around 70% in time and money. Here’s how:

The AI Ticket Autofill for Zendesk solves the main pain point of manual data entry into ticket fields and information extraction from support tickets. This results in more efficient ticket resolution, reduced workload for support teams, and enhanced accuracy in ticket processing. Powered by AI technology, the AI Ticket Autofill app by Knots revolutionizes ticket management for businesses of all sizes. 

In this article, we will explain how our new Knots solution can improve your Zendesk workflow.

Using Artificial Intelligence for Data Entry in Zendesk

At the core of the AI Ticket Autofill app lies the Open AI for Data Extraction—a cutting-edge technology that understands unstructured information without relying on rigid patterns. You can choose to use ChatGPT in Zendesk or connect with Microsoft Azure to be GDPR compliant.

Imagine a support ticket with various customer inquiries. Instead of being tied to specific formats, ChatGPT grasps the context and accurately identifies crucial details like company names or organizational information. Whether it’s “Acme Corporation” or “ACME Corp,” ChatGPT effortlessly picks up on the entity’s identity, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

For instance, picture a scenario with tickets coming from web forms, emails, or chat conversations. It doesn’t matter the channel; Open AI effortlessly identifies common elements in Zendesk, such as customer names, contact details, and issue descriptions, empowering support teams to work more efficiently.

Enhancing Capabilities to Extract Data from Attachments in Zendesk

The AI Ticket Autofill app doesn’t stop there. It goes further by integrating OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, elevating its data extraction capabilities. OCR converts images, PDFs, and scanned documents into text in the Zendesk Ticket. One of the app’s standout features is its versatility across different document formats.

After that, you can combine the power of AI to analyze and extract essential information from the documents into ticket fields.  Whether it’s a PDF, image, or scanned file, ChatGPT seamlessly extracts relevant information, making the process smoother for support teams.

Consider a customer submitting a ticket with a scanned invoice detailing a recent purchase. Traditionally, agents would manually transcribe the details, consuming time and prone to errors. With Knots advance AI integration with Zedesk, the app automates this process, extracting key information like customer names, purchase details, and transaction IDs swiftly and accurately.

How does the AI Ticket Autofill app by Knots work?

The AI Ticket Autofill app by Knots operates seamlessly through a four-step process, ensuring efficient and accurate extraction of key information from support tickets.

Step 1: Ticket is Created

A ticket is created in Zendesk including unstructured text. Whether it’s a support ticket submitted through a web form or a ticket that has been transferred from a chat or social media.

In the case of a scanned document or PDF, this has to be processed by the Knots OCR first. The app accepts various document formats. Then the AI Ticket Autofill can read the content of the document.

Step 2: AI Analysis

Once the text or image is uploaded, Knots’ advanced AI algorithms come into action. These algorithms meticulously analyze the content, delving deep to identify relevant information buried within the unstructured data. This step is crucial for laying the groundwork for accurate data extraction in the subsequent stages.

Step 3: Data Extraction

With the analysis complete, ChatGPT or Microsoft Azure performs the heavy lifting of data extraction. Leveraging its contextual understanding and versatile capabilities, the AI scours the text or image to pinpoint key data points such as names, addresses, dates, and more.

Step 4: Output and Further Automation

Finally, users can retrieve the structured data output generated by the AI Ticket Autofill app. This output is tailored to seamlessly integrate into their business processes, whether it’s updating CRM records, triggering automated workflows, or simply providing agents with the information they need to resolve tickets efficiently. With the output in hand, businesses can navigate their support operations with newfound ease and efficiency.

Leverage the power of AI in Zendesk

In essence, the AI Ticket Autofill app by Knots is leverages ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities to streamline work processes and ensure efficient customer support.

One of the standout benefits of the AI Ticket Autofill app is its effortless integration with your Zendesk workflow. Not only does it seamlessly blend into your existing setup, but it also enhances the efficiency of your support agents.

Here’s how the AI Ticket Autofill app can elevate your Zendesk experience:

  • It automatically extracts specific information and inputs it directly into Zendesk ticket fields, minimizing the need for manual entry and reducing errors.
  • AI Ticket Autofill springs into action as soon as new tickets are generated, saving time and eliminating the need for manual intervention by agents.
  • It meticulously searches through all sections of the ticket, ensuring that no relevant detail is overlooked and enhancing the accuracy of ticket management.
  • Whether tickets are generated via email, social media, or chatbots, AI Ticket Autofill works seamlessly across all platforms, providing consistent support regardless of the source.
  • AI Ticket Autofill can connect with OpenAI or Azure GPT, enabling it to identify, verify, and extract ticket information with advanced AI capabilities. This integration further enhances the efficiency of your Zendesk workflow by providing valuable insights and automating complex tasks.

For small and growing businesses, every minute and every penny counts. That’s why the AI Ticket Autofill app by Knots is the perfect solution to streamline ticket management.

By automating the process of data extraction and entry, AI Ticket Autofill takes away the need for manual labor. This not only saves time but also reduces costs associated with paying agents to perform repetitive tasks that could easily be handled automatically. With AI Ticket Autofill, businesses can redirect valuable resources towards growth and innovation.

More Automation, More Savings

AI Ticket Autofill goes beyond simple data extraction by enabling further automation of workflows. For example, when a customer inquires about the status of their order, AI Ticket Autofill can swiftly locate the order number in the ticket text and store it under the designated ticket field. This information can then trigger automated workflows, integrating seamlessly with other Knots modules like Knots Studio to fetch relevant order details from the CRM and update the ticket with the latest status. This level of automation not only streamlines processes but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Knots has a transparent pricing model that offers a cost-effective solution, especially useful for small businesses and startups. Businesses can easily leverage their operations with their finances. This pay-per-request model is particularly beneficial for companies operating on a tight budget, providing access to advanced AI capabilities without the financial burden of higher-tier subscription plans.

The impact of AI Ticket Autofill on businesses’ bottom line is substantial. For example, consider a scenario where a manual ticket processing flow takes an agent 2 minutes per ticket. With AI Ticket Autofill, this process is completed instantly without the need for human intervention. For a company handling over 10,000 tickets per month, this equates to a staggering 333 hours of saved work time, leading to significant cost savings in terms of salaries and operational expenses.

AI Ticket Autofill: Streamline, Save, and Succeed

The AI Ticket Autofill app by Knots revolutionizes ticket management for businesses of all sizes. Powered by artificial intelligence for Data Extraction, it streamlines processes, boosts accuracy, and empowers support teams to deliver exceptional customer service.

With AI Ticket Autofill, manual workloads are reduced, workflows can be further automated, and businesses benefit from a cost-effective payment model, saving time and money while fostering growth and innovation.

Unlock the application’s potential and experience it firsthand. Learn more about AI Ticket Autofill, or try it on your Zendesk platform today. Enjoy a 14-day free trial.

Contact our team to help you get started on your workflow automation.

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