7 Benefits of Using Zendesk​ Middleware

Middleware Zendesk

Zendesk is a complete customer service platform that enables businesses to manage their customer support operations more efficiently. Handling large volumes of client inquiries and tickets, on the other hand, can overload customer support teams; this is where Zendesk middleware can help enhance the workflow for customer service agents.

This blog post explains how to leverage Zendesk middleware to streamline customer support operations, eliminate manual work for agents, and improve the overall customer experience.

What’s Middleware?​

Middleware is software that acts as a bridge between multiple software systems, helping to automate and simplify the flow of information between them. In the context of CRM and cloud software, middleware can help companies automate various tasks and processes, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their support operations. Typically, middleware provides applications in the Zendesk marketplace or a plugin using webhooks to request action from third-party software that handles the automation. Here are 7 benefits of using middleware for Zendesk:

Automated Ticket Assignment​

One of the main benefits of using middleware for Zendesk automation is the ability to extend routing functionality. Often, the necessary information for assigning tickets is hidden in the context of a message. In such cases, tickets can be routed to a specific group of agents if they contain certain information, such as an order ID or booking code. Sometimes, the details needed for routing are available in another system. A middleware solution can import this information from third-party systems and automatically assign tickets based on predefined criteria. For example, tickets can be routed to agents if the customer’s revenue is higher than a certain amount, such as a VIP group.

Backend Data Sync​

A middleware solution can easily integrate with other systems, such as CRM, ERP, and marketing automation systems, enabling companies to transfer data between different systems seamlessly. It is possible to improve data flow through middleware by importing user information, such as order history, into Zendesk or exporting customer data to a CRM. This reduces manual intervention and the potential for errors, resulting in a more efficient and accurate flow of information. Apps like API Data Sync enable companies to send and retrieve data to and from backend systems via API.

Auto Categorize and Auto Tagging Tickets​

Ticket categorization is a helpful element that can be automated in Zendesk through middleware to simplify the support process. You can quickly categorize and tag tickets using a Machine Learning model. This makes it easier for agents to filter and find support tickets based on specific criteria. Ticket categorization can also be used to route requests to agents or departments based on their expertise. For example, a ticket tagged as a billing issue can be automatically assigned to the billing department for resolution.

Fill in Ticket Fields Automatically​

Using middleware technology, it is possible to scan the content of a ticket and automatically extract relevant information based on specific criteria. This enriches critical fields in a Zendesk ticket, and enables the setting of tags once the relevant information is found. These tags can be used with further automation, such as automatically assigning tickets. The Ticket Parser App for Zendesk, extracts strings based on any pattern, and ensures that the information is organized and in one place.

Read and Convert the Content of Scanned Documents​

Agents often need to download attachments from tickets and read their content. Knots OCR Reader app is a middleware solution that can instantly read and convert the content of PDFs and scanned documents, and display it directly in the ticket. This functionality can be combined with other features to automatically populate ticket fields based on the document’s content.

Automated Chatbots​

Zendesk’s chatbot integration enables the creation of custom plugins that can automate multi-step processes. For instance, a chatbot can collect information from a customer, direct the ticket to the relevant agent, and send a follow-up email to the customer. Ultimate Chat Automation is an AI-powered chat automation that can be integrated into Zendesk and leverages middleware software to enhance support team growth. Learn more about it at www.ultimate.ai/chat-automation.


Middleware can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs, enabling you to automate your support processes in a way that works best for you. Learn more about why Knots has the best Zendesk apps for 2024.

Ready to automate Zendesk via Middleware?​

In conclusion, middleware is a crucial technology for automating your Zendesk instance. It brings valuable benefits, including increased productivity, improved customer experience, scalability, and integration with other systems. Therefore, it’s essential to reduce ticket backlog and increase agents’ satisfaction by removing tedious tasks that can be easily automated.

The customer support process may be automated in a variety of ways thanks to Zendesk’s great built-in automation capabilities. However, with Knot’s Zendesk apps and middleware (for custom procedures that can be tailored to any application), you can revive the Zendesk workflow and streamline operations.

Knots is a CRM-specific toolkit that can help you automate Zendesk like a pro. Unlike anything else on the market, Knots’ middleware solution is delivered as a suite of Zendesk apps that may be used independently or in tandem. Contact us today to see how you can enhance your customer service to meet today’s standards. Our support staff is available to assist you with your specific use case.

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