Benefits of Integrating Legacy Telephony Systems With Zendesk

Zendesk Legacy Telephony System

Zendesk is undoubtedly an amazing tool, but if your telephone system doesn’t connect to it properly, your agents can’t handle calls efficiently. This means missed opportunities to personalize service. 

The truth is, it’s a common issue, especially with old telephony systems. But don’t you worry as in this blog post, I’ll introduce you to Knots telephony integration, a tool that ensures seamless Zendesk telephony integration, even with the oldest phone systems. 

Let’s dive in and solve this problem once and for all!

The Challenges of Integrating Legacy Telephony Systems With Zendesk

Here are the common challenges users face when connecting legacy phone systems with Zendesk:

Inefficient Call Handling

Integrating legacy telephony systems with Zendesk often leads to challenges like lack of seamless integration. This means the old phone systems and Zendesk do not work smoothly together. As a result, call data may not sync correctly. 

Incomplete data can cause errors and misunderstandings. Customers may need to repeat their issues, which leads to frustration. 

Data Silos

When phone call information is not automatically captured and synced with Zendesk, it creates data silos (also called information silos). This means that details from calls are stored separately from other customer data

This way, your support agent can’t see the full history of a customer’s interactions and has to search for information across different systems. 

Manual Processes

Since disconnected support systems lack automation, your agent has to log call details manually. They’ll have to switch between different systems to find and record information, which is time-consuming and tiring.

Think about this: With manual processes in place, agents spend more time on paperwork instead of helping customers. Without integration, every call involves extra steps. Agents need to note down information, create tickets, and update records by hand. 

No Zendesk Tickets

While new telephone systems can create tickets in Zendesk using the API, old systems don’t have this capability. This means, there won’t be automatic call logging and reporting. Agents will need to manually enter call details from old systems.

Negative Customer Experiences

When phone systems don’t sync properly with Zendesk, your customer support becomes less efficient. 

This can only lead to one outcome: negative customer experiences. Since agents cannot access customer history quickly, your customers have to wait for a long time and it’s enough to frustrate them. According to data by Zendesk, nearly 60% of customers think that long wait times are the most frustrating part of a customer service.

On the flip side, proper Zendesk telephony integration comes with a range of advantages that we’ll see below. 

How to Integrate Zendesk With Legacy Phone Systems the Right Way

It’s not uncommon to face inefficient call-handling issues when connecting your legacy phone system to Zendesk. 

That’s where Telephony Integration by Knots comes in. This Zendesk app works with old telephone systems to sync your telephone system with Zendesk seamlessly. It gives you insights into usage, performance, and customer service on one platform. 

This app creates a ticket in Zendesk when a customer calls. The best part is that It can automatically create a ticket when the telephony endpoint is called. Alternatively, an agent can click a button in the app to create a ticket. This ensures that call details are logged effectively.

To get this app, simply visit the Zendesk marketplace, and in the Apps section, look for “Telephony Integration by Knots,” and click Install

This app comes with a 14-day free trial so you can try its features risk-free. Feel free to hit up the Knots support team to help you set everything up, free of cost. 

Benefits of Using Knots for Zendesk Telephony Integration

Here are the top benefits of using Knots telephony integration to connect your phone system to Zendesk:

Seamless Integration

Knots telephony integration works smoothly with modern as well as legacy telephony systems. These include popular options like Placetel, Alcatel, 3CX, Cisco, Swyx, and Avaya. So, whether you need Zendesk Cisco integration, Zendesk 3CX integration, or another combination, you won’t have to replace your current setup. Instead, this app connects with what you already use

More Productive Agents

When you integrate your legacy telephony system with Zendesk using Knots, your agents can manage calls and customer interactions from a single interface. It saves a lot of time and minimizes errors. 

Also, automated workflows handle repetitive tasks to free your agents to focus on more complex issues. Plus, access to customer history and data in one place leads to quicker and more personalized responses. It’s all a win-win. 

Scalability and Flexibility

Seamless Zendesk integration with legacy telephony systems makes it easier to meet the evolving needs of your business. As your business grows, this system adapts without major overhauls. It integrates seamlessly with other tools to ensure a smooth expansion of capabilities. 

Data Centralization

Using Knots for Zendesk telephony integration ensures centralized customer data, meaning all interactions including calls, emails, and chats, are stored in one place. This unified data source improves access for your agents so they can provide better customer service. 

Centralized data improves reporting and analytics to provide deeper insights into customer behavior and operational performance. This way, decision-making becomes much more informed and strategic. 

Improved Data Insights

Another main advantage of the Knots telephony integration is the detailed logging of every call. This means you can see all call details, like duration and time, directly in Zendesk. It also tracks agent performance metrics like response times and call resolution rates so you can analyze and understand your support operations better. 

More Visibility

By integrating your telephony system with Zendesk, you can see how many tickets are created, including which agents are responsible for every matter. You can also access historical data for tickets created via e-mail, social media, chatbots and webforms.

Automatic Ticket Generation

The Knots telephony integration automatically creates a ticket as soon as an agent answers a call. This ticket includes all the important customer information right away. For example, if a customer calls about a previous issue, the agent can see past interactions and details to provide support immediately. 

Final Words

If your phone system is not properly connected to Zendesk, you’ll likely face issues like inefficient call handling and manual processes. These problems frustrate your customers and take a toll on your customer service.

Knots Telephony Integration is a Zendesk app that integrates your phone system with Zendesk seamlessly, even if you use an old telephone system. Plus, it creates automatic tickets for call logs and reporting so your agents can help your customers right away. If you’re interested in trying Knots telephony integration, click here to get it right away with a 14-day free trial and experience these benefits firsthand. You can always contact our support team for free consultation and demonstration.