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Our "Knots use cases"

Learn about some of our most requested use cases that are driven by Knots in existing Zendesk projects.

Search for patterns and recognize any text string in Zendesk tickets and store the information in custom fields. Add tags for further automation.

Ideas on what could be extracted:

  • Lookup all kind of numbers/IDs (Customer IDs, Order IDs, Article Numbers, serial numbers)
  • Look for travel dates and prioritize tickets for trips happening soon
  • Search for address and billing information and update the user data
  • Identify from which marketplace the user purchased an item and automatically route the ticket
  • Simply set a tag if specific information is available in the ticket and prioritize it


This is a ready-to-use app available on the Zendesk Marketplace. Find details about this use case here

Via artificial intelligence and natural language processing, scan the ticket content and identify context and classify the ticket automatically. 

  • Topic and reason for contact (billing, return, complaint, wrong item, positive feedback, troubleshooting, and others)
  • Identify the ticket language (instead of user language)


Our NLP classification uses train models based on your current ticket data within Zendesk. 

Auto-answers can be achieved by combine multiple Knots together. 


  • A client wants to know where the parcel is
    • NLP classification with a minimum-accuracy set (threshold)
    • Ticket is classified as “Track and trace”
    • Parsing order-ID if found in ticket
    • Use orderID to check shipment status and tracking (data dip) against shop-solution or ERP system
    • Auto-answer client with parcel status
  • Client wants to receive a invoice copy
    • Invoice is looked up (data dip) in ERP and sent as attachment to client via Zendesk automatically
  • Client wants to cancel order
    • Order identification
    • Stop/Pause order directly in ERP/Shop so no parcel will be sent out
    • Automatically inform customer that the cancellation was successful

Our OCR App extracts content from PDF files and images. Even handwritten documents are automatically stored within the Zendesk ticket.


  • Extracted data is stored as internal comment in Zendesk
  • Search for data contained in attachments through your Zendesk search
  • Use content to fire following automations (i.e. auto-classification, extract Order numbers etc.)
  • Route based on content in attachments
  • Created tickets which contain attached images/photos that contain serial numbers or similar can be auto-processed further


Get data from any third party system and store infos in the ticket:
  • customer data from CRM, ERP, Shop… (i.e. based on email-adresses)
  • Product details based on serial numbers from your PIM system
  • HR data from your HR-solution
  • any custom backend with APIs (REST, SOAP, Graph) available
Why should I enrich ticket data?
  • Gain context about your current client situation
  • prioritize VIP-clients (revenue = high)
  • Route to specific teams based on product groups
  • Reduce your Ticket Backlog by Merging Duplicate Requests on Zendesk
  • Have transparent view on a single ticket
  • Automerge ticket based on External IDs (sometimes other ticketing solutions might communicate with your support team. Get rid of multiple tickets by automerging)
  • Look for email patterns in the ticket content and update the ticket requester automatically with the correct end-user. This is often the case when the ticket is normally created by a third-party such as a partner, a form-mailer, a machine (e.g. a scanner)

  • You can also find name, address or any information and update your ticket fields or contact in Zendesk

Dynamic triggers enable you to use more ticket conditions within Zendesk. This could be for example a range of numbers.


  • Route or prioritize  tickets based on a zip code with ranges (i.e. 1500-2000 –> prio high // over 2000 prio normal)
  • Process tickets which contain article-numbers within a certain range (i.e. 10000-20000 –> Group A // 20000-30000 –> Group B)



  • The dynamic triggers are able to lookup the conditions in a sunshine custom object. 
  • Mappings like RANGE_FROM, RANGE_TO, GROUP_ID can be easily stored and maintained here


The current telephone systems integration has no Zendesk Marketplace Integration, or the existing app doesn’t meet your expectations? Now you have the choice to develop an integration based on Zendesk-APIs or save effort and use our Telephony Middleware.



  • Middleware service which receives the phone call event (via REST or URL with parameters)
  • Zendesk App which communicates with the middleware service (i.e. pop-up on new call events)


Supported phone systems

  • Any phone system

Our ready-to-use apps available on Zendesk Marketplace

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Hassan Ghiassi

SALES and Business Development

Gabriel Rubia

Gabriel Rubia

Product Marketing and Client Strategy Manager

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Knots Studio (soon)
Build your own scripts directly in Zendesk and save them as recipe in Knots Studio (Zendesk functions)

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Our goal is to provide easy-to-use solutions for next-level automation in Zendesk. Knots are event-driven tasks in the background, which run before the Agents see the ticket. Setup is faster than the speed of light!


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Each "knot" is build so it can be used by other clients too. We also have some very specific Knots that are only available to single clients.

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A big part of our whole team is very technically skilled.
We take every requirement as a challenge and want to proof, that it can be solved within a reasonable amount of time.

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You need to demo a very specific automation use case to one of your clients or prospects? We help and build it together with you, so we can increase the probability to win the project. Win/win for both of us.

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Hassan Ghiassi

SALES and Business Development

Gabriel Rubia

Gabriel Rubia

Product Marketing and Client Strategy Manager