Send Outbound Messages via Whatsapp using Zendesk

Enhance Customer Support with Knots Studio.

Connect WhatsApp with Zendesk to improve your customer service.

Automation - Custom App Development

Integrate Whatsapp with Zendesk

Directly send messages to customers via WhatsApp using our Knots Studio integration.

You can trigger automation or let agents choose templates that they want to send to customers.

Meet your business needs, ensuring these messages are sent promptly and maintaining compliance with WhatsApp guidelines.

Automated Notifications

Automatically send notifications such as “We are still working on your request” to keep the conversation window active.

This helps you manage customer expectations and maintain engagement without manual intervention.

Automation - Custom App Development

Merge Existing Users in Zendesk

Automatically combine new customer information from WhatsApp with existing profiles in Zendesk.

This integration prevents duplicate entries and gives your agents a unified view of customer interactions.

Automation - Custom App Development

Benefits of Using Knots

Quick Setup

Integrates smoothly with Zendesk, reducing the need for complex backend adjustments.


Automates routine communications, allowing your team to handle more critical issues.


Offers a range of messaging options to align with your company’s communication style.

Choose Knots Studio to enhance your customer service capabilities through a straightforward integration of Zendesk and WhatsApp.

You can try it without risk. Knots Studio is available for 14 days for free. 

Our team of specialists is happy to help you with the setup process.