5 Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy in 2023 with Zendesk

Happy Customers

The secret to success in any company is to keep clients satisfied. Happy clients are more inclined to stick with you, recommend you to others, and offer insightful criticism. However, ensuring customer satisfaction can be difficult, particularly in the digital age, where clients demand quick, individualized, and effective service. This is where Zendesk comes into […]

Automatically Change the Requester in Zendesk Based on Ticket Content​

Change the Ticket Requester

Imagine the requester of your Zendesk ticket is actually not the one you received the Email from, but the requester is mentioned somewhere in the ticket text. Find out here how to update the requester field through an easy and automated process. Learn how to save time without the need to search for the information […]

7 Benefits of using a middleware solution for Zendesk​

Middleware Zendesk

Zendesk is a comprehensive customer service platform that helps organizations to manage their customer support operations more efficiently. However, handling a large volume of customer queries and tickets can be overwhelming for first-level agents. To reduce manual work and improve productivity, Zendesk offers several automation features that you can use together with a middleware solution […]

Use the Best Zendesk Apps to Power Up Customer Service in 2022

Zendesk is a leading provider of cloud-based customer service software. Zendesk Support was built from the ground up to help organizations deliver amazing customer experiences. It helps businesses deliver superior experiences to customers, agents, and partners. We are thrilled that you can now upgrade your customer service in 2022 thanks to our Zendesk apps being accessible through […]