OCR Scanned Documents Reader for Zendesk

Convert PDF and image files from the ticket attachment into text in Zendesk instantly! Automate data extraction from image-based PDFs with the OCR app by Knots. No manual action is necessary! Data automatically becomes searchable by robots and humans alike.

ocr scanner 1
ocr scanner

Display Information from Scanned Documents directly in the Zendesk Support Ticket

  • Read handwritten documents
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce errors
  • No need to download the attachment to review its content
  • Process more data faster and with fewer resources
  • Improve productivity

How the Online OCR converts PDF and Image Documents Into Text

A Ticket is created on Zendesk via email, social media, messaging, or directly by the agent.

Our automation solutions look for an attachment in the ticket.

If OCR is required it will read its content.

The information is converted into text and displayed in the ticket directly as an internal comment.

The text is indexed and you can search for it on Zendesk.

Further information is possible with the data.

The original PDF is available for viewing or download.

Start Using the OCR Converter

Install the Ticket Parser app via Zendesk Market Place for free

No code-needed

Set up the app easily through regular expressions.

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