OCR Reader for Zendesk

Convert PDFs and images into text instantly. Index document content in Zendesk.

Automate data extraction from PDFs and images in Zendesk

Direct Transcription

Automatically detects and assigns languages for each ticket.

Route to agents groups based on Language

Saves detected languages as tags to combine with powerful Zendesk triggers to route the ticket to specific agents.

Adaptable to User Profiles

Potential to update the language settings for the requester's profile, catering to future demands.

Focus on Individual Tickets

Prioritise accurate language detection on a per-ticket basis, enhancing support accuracy.

ocr scanner 1
ocr scanner

OCR Reader for Zendesk finds and extracts text from PDF and image files

OCR Reader is an app for Zendesk that can read scanned documents like pdfs, pngs, and jpgs and convert the text into usable data. Use OCR Reader for Zendesk to quickly and accurately convert scanned PDFs and images into searchable text. There is no intervention required, and data is immediately accessible via automated and human searches.
  • Read handwritten documents
  • No more downloading attachments
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduce errors
  • Process more data faster
  • Improve productivity
ocr reader for zendesk step 1

Attachment lookup

Zendesk ticket is generated via any channel (email, social media, messaging, or directly). OCR Reader auto-looks for any attached images or pdfs.

ocr reader for zendesk step 2

Document Scan

If OCR is required it will read its content. Text found in images and/or pdfs is converted to text. Handwritten text is not a problem for OCR Reader!

ocr reader for zendesk step 3

Text Availability

The scanned text is displayed in the ticket as an internal comment. Text is indexed and searchable. The original PDFs or images can be viewed and downloaded.

ocr reader for zendesk step 4


Customer service teams are alleviated from complex support issues related to image-to-text and pdf data. Using the data in further automations is possible.

ocr reader for zendesk step 5

Happy Customers

Customer support teams empowerment and time-to-resolution are greatly enhanced leading to higher customer satisfaction and brand advocacy.

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Main Benefits of Using the OCR Reader for Zendesk

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Achieve impeccable accuracy in Zendesk ticket handling, eliminating the potential for errors.

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver timely and precise support, significantly enhancing customer experiences.

Reduce Labor Costs

Automate repetitive tasks, alleviating the workload on your support team and decreasing labor costs

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