Telephony Integration with Zendesk

Integrate your legacy telephone system with Zendesk and get insights into usage, performance, and customer service on a single platform.

Automate data extraction from PDFs and images in Zendesk

Automatic Ticket Generation

Creates a ticket as soon as an agent takes a call, providing comprehensive customer information upfront.

Compatible with various telephony systems

Seamlessly integrates with old systems, including Placetel, Alcatel, 3CX, Cisco, Swyx, Avaya, etc.

Enhanced Data Insights

Detailed logging of call details and agent performance metrics in Zendesk for better analysis and decision-making.

Increased Visibility

Offers managers a comprehensive view of all channel performance.

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Main Benefits of Using the Telephony Integration for Zendesk

Quick Setup

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Achieve impeccable accuracy in Zendesk ticket handling, eliminating the potential for errors.

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver timely and precise support, significantly enhancing customer experiences.

Reduce Labor Costs

Automate repetitive tasks, alleviating the workload on your support team and decreasing labor costs

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Upgrade your customer service with our Zendesk-compatible telephony system. Say goodbye to expensive, high-maintenance traditional systems and welcome a more flexible and scalable solution perfect for growing businesses. Our system enhances security, streamlines operations, and introduces advanced communication features. Boost your first-call resolution rates and delight customers with a unified support platform. Gain valuable insights into usage and performance, taking your customer service to the next level.

Telephone systems designed for seamless integration with Zendesk







Telephone systems designed for seamless integration with Zendesk

Our Telephony Integration automatically generates a ticket as soon as an agent takes a call. This advanced feature provides agents with comprehensive customer information before they even answer the phone, ensuring they are fully prepared for every interaction.

Optimize your Customer Service Operations

Navigate the complexities of customer interactions with ease, reducing costs and enhancing agent productivity.

Connect your legacy phone system to Zendesk with Telephony Integration, automatically creating a ticket when an agent accepts a call. This lets your agents know everything they need about a customer before they answer the phone:

Improve Customer Satisfaction:

When an agent accepts a call, a ticket is created in Zendesk. This allows the agent to see the customer’s past support interactions and other available information. As a result, problems can be resolved more quickly during the initial call, making the client happier.

Consolidate Systems and Reduce Costs:

Telephony Integration by Knots connects your existing phone system to Zendesk, eliminating the need for costly hardware and reducing IT expenses. This efficient integration not only simplifies operations but also optimizes resource allocation, making your business more cost-effective and agile.

Increase Visibility & Integrated Support:

Integrated support offers managers a full view of all channel performance. They see the types of issues raised via calls, emails, chats, etc. This insight helps align hiring, training, and staffing with customer contact needs, enhancing service efficiency.

Get Actionable Insights:

Call details including call IDs, start times, caller and destination numbers, and call origin, along with agent performance metrics, are logged in Zendesk. This automated process offers valuable insights to continually enhance phone support efficiency and effectiveness over time.

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