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We developed ready-to-use solutions that do not require coding and are designed to cover the most common requested automation functionalities.With Knots, companies can integrate and synchronize data between systems, creating one simple and highly efficient process to cut off manual tasks.

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Ticket Parser

Search for string and extracts information from the Zendesk ticket and update it to custom fields.

OCR Reader for Scanned PDF

Convert PDF and image files into text in Zendesk and make text searchable.


Retrieve backend data to automate ticket flow. Integrate with Shopify, SAP, and SalesForce.

NLP Ticket Classifier

Set the ticket sentiment analysis via sophisticated AI

Universal Phone Integration

Integrate any telephony system via webhook

Your Use Case

We have over 50 modules. But, if you need something customized we will build it.

How does it work?

Incoming Message (Trigger Event)

Message received with pdf attachment via Mail, Letter (Scan), or Phone.

Ticket Creation

A new ticket is created in Zendesk, triggering Knots.

Ticket Analyzed: OCR/Parsing/Routing

Knots automatically scans for relevant information.

Ticket Information Collected

Knots enriches the ticket information using ready-made integrations with all main ERP/CRM-systems.

Combine information from different systems

Knots adds information from 3rd party systems/APIs to collect all relevant data in one place.

Automated Process

With the automated power of Knots, the newly collected information is used to generate an automatic reply or be routed to the appropriate location.

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