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What is knots?

Transform Zendesk in under 10 minutes

Automate Zendesk with confidence. Knots provides a single automation solution for Zendesk that’s deliverable via no-code apps or customized code. Start streamlining time for your agents and delighting your customers today.
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Give Your Customer Support Wings

Knots offers a cost-effective system that works perfectly and can be put in place quickly. Combine advanced middleware data processing modules like parsing, OCR, and NLP for an incredibly efficient new way of working.
Increase your Capabilities

Knots is your processing on steroids. Our easy-to-use product provides you with the solutions you need to have your systems quickly working together in harmony.

Cut Costs

By connecting your systems you reduce your overall manual work, therefore saving the two things we all need more of: time and money.

No Development

Don’t worry, our team has already taken care of the hard stuff. With Knots you receive ready-to-go solutions that are ready when you are.

Try without Risks

What’s better than getting to try before you buy? Get a taste of what Knots can do for you with a 14 day free trial.

Improve your Communication

Imagine having all the answers on the spot. With Knots you receive the relevant information you need for every interaction, where you need it, when you need it.

Business Process Automation

Automating was never so simple. Extract information and streamline your processes for an experience that’ll make you say “Wow, that was easy.”

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Delegate repetitive tasks from your customer support team to free up time for what truly matters: ensuring your customers are satisfied. Reach out to us today, and we’ll demonstrate how Knots can enhance your Zendesk experience.
Artificial intelligence used to automate workflows and reduce costs
Why Use Knots

Zendesk Automation has never been easier

With Knots you can automate boring and time consuming tasks easily.

Choose from a wide range of ready-to-use Apps

Sync data, ticket parser or AI Autofill. We got your Zendesk enhancement wishlist covered.

Create your own workflows with Knots Studio

Need a more flexible solution? Try our self-service no-code automation platform.

Let us create your custom automation

We can create your custom zendesk automation.

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It's time to automate workflows

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