About Knots

With experience in 300+ projects, we gathered the most common use cases and created a set of automated tools that help companies boost their workflow and solve specific problems in the cloud software.

We are an event driven middleware application that was built to solve feature gaps in standard cloud software.

Automation - Custom App Development

We simplify our solutions, providing a rich amount of functionalities.

Our mission is to help you to streamline your business workflows and automate your processes, empowering your team to eliminate duplicated requests and correctly direct inquires within minutes.

Why Knots?


Our Knots are event-driven solutions that you pay-as-you-go, avoiding unnecessary fees.

Solution oriented

We identify and solve problems many business cloud applications do not have a good solution for.

Available for everybody

Bring solution into the hand of the admin without a need for development

Pragmatic approach

Design immediate solutions with focus on results.

In-house development

Our team of experts is always ready to find the best solution.

Best Practices for Success

We only do projects for which we can provide added value.

Meet the team behind Knots


Georg Winkler

CEO & Co-founder


Robert Cwicinski



David Grimm

Technical Solutions Consultant


Hassan Ghiassi

Director, Business Development

Roman Kosiuh

Full Stack Developer


Gabriel Rubia

Product Marketing

Andriy Pelykh

Full Stack Engineer

Lucas Tronel

Full Stack Developer

Vladyslav Zhulkevskyi

Full Stack Developer