AI Ticket Redaction for Zendesk

Automate Your Ticket Redactions with Knots 
An automated solution for ticket redaction, allowing you to streamline your workflow, enhance security, and maintain compliance more efficiently.

Export tickets and attachments from Zendesk with advanced ticket archiving

Automate Redactions

Knots automatically redact sensitive information from tickets based on pre-defined criteria.

Protect Sensitive Information

Our AI-powered redaction system keeps your clients' data safe and secure. You won't have to worry about accidental exposure of sensitive information.

Avoid Human Error

Eliminate the risk of human error in the redaction process, ensuring accurate and consistent redactions every time.

Track Statistics of Automated Redactions

Provide detailed statistics and reports to help you gain insights into your redaction activities.

Pre-setup Terms to Automatically Redact

Customize redaction criteria based on your needs. Knots allows you to pre-define terms and patterns to redact sensitive information automatically.

Setup Customized Triggers for Different Scenarios

Tailor Knots to fit your unique workflow requirements. Set up custom triggers based on various ticket attributes and conditions to initiate redaction.

Knots Specialist Support with Setup

Receive dedicated support from Knots specialists to ensure seamless integration and setup according to your business needs.

zendesk ai ticket redaction

Learn how Knots can help you automate tasks and achieve significant savings for your business.

Main Benefits of Using Ticket Export & Archive

Quick Setup

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Achieve impeccable accuracy in Zendesk ticket handling, eliminating the potential for errors.

Customer Satisfaction

Deliver timely and precise support, significantly enhancing customer experiences.

Reduce Labor Costs

Automate repetitive tasks, alleviating the workload on your support team and decreasing labor costs

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Avoid Redaction Errors with Automatic Redaction

Manual redaction processes are prone to errors, leading to potential data leaks and compliance issues. With Knots’ automatic redaction feature, you can mitigate these risks and ensure accurate redactions every time.


Automatic Redaction with Knots

Knots Automatic Redaction leverages AI technology to scan ticket contents for pre-defined sensitive information and automatically redact it to ensure data security and compliance.
Knots employs advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to identify and redact sensitive information within tickets accurately. Our system continuously learns and adapts to new patterns and terms, ensuring precision and minimizing false positives.
While Knots' automatic redaction minimizes the risk of errors and exposure, reviewing redacted content is essential to ensure accuracy and completeness. Regular audits of the redacted content can further enhance security and maintain the integrity of the redaction process.

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