Shopify Event Sync for Zendesk

Import data from Shopify and interact with it in Zendesk or update your Shopify directly from the Zendesk ticket. Automate your customer service workflow based on specific events and save time jumping between the systems.
shopify zendesk integration

Access Shopify Data without Leaving Zendesk

  • Streamlined Support Workflow: Simplify your support process by directly accessing crucial Shopify data in the Zendesk ticket.
  • All data in one place: With Shopify Event Sync, support agents can retrieve relevant customer, order, and product information from Shopify and efficiently handle customer inquiries.
  • Real-Time Data Interaction: Enjoy real-time synchronization of Shopify data within Zendesk tickets. Respond to customer inquiries with up-to-date information on order status, inventory availability, and customer details, ensuring accurate and timely support.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide personalized and efficient support by accessing comprehensive Shopify data directly in Zendesk. Seamlessly handle customer inquiries, resolve issues faster, and deliver exceptional support experiences.
  • Effortless Integration: Integrating Shopify Event Sync into Zendesk is seamless. With easy setup and configuration, your support team can start leveraging Shopify data within Zendesk in no time. Say goodbye to complex integrations and hello a streamlined support workflow.

How to Sync Data Between Zendesk and Shopify

Shopify and Zendesk Integration

Easy to use automation tool for ecommerce customer service.

You can easily create a trigger in the app and select which API objects you want to use. It’s essential to match the properties on your Shopify account. If you have questions about how to configure which information is going to be available, check this article here.

You need to select the field in the ticket containing the object recording in Shopify and the fields you want to store the results.

Once the trigger is created, you can select the conditions or the events that will fire the trigger.

Empower your customer support team with real-time access to Shopify data and provide exceptional customer support experiences.

Elevate your support workflow by integrating Shopify data seamlessly into Zendesk.

Visit the Zendesk Marketplace and get started with the Shopify Event Sync app for Zendesk.

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