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Freshdesk automation
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Freshdesk Apps to Automate your Workflow

Bridge the gaps in your helpdesk software. We offer event-driven solutions to further automate your ticketing system in Freshdesk.

We develop apps on a modular basis that solve very specific tasks for all sorts of use cases from ticket routing, prioritization, and automated answers.

Reduce the time to answer your customers and increase the agent satisfaction level, by implementing a process that is highly efficient and happens before the agent opens the ticket, removing the manual work.

Superpowers for Freshdesk

Find and extract

Place it into specific ticket custom fields in Freshdesk (order ID, booking date, invoice number, parcel and/or tracking code, company, etc.).

Change the ticket requester

Look for an email, name, customer ID, or any other information in the ticket content.

Read and convert a scanned document

Transform images and PDF files into searchable text in the ticket comment, allowing further automation.

Integrate Freshdesk with other CRM and ERP systems

Display any information like customer and order details directly in the ticket.

Merge Tickets Automatically

That are duplicated or that are parallel to the same topic.

Classify tickets via NLP analysis

Tickets are classified based on the contact reason.

Automatica Routing

Route the ticket based on product category or SKU. Or have predetermine actions based on the client’s details. For example: High revenues or based on the Postal code.

Data enrichment

Get data from the backend and data sync.

Ticket sentiment analysis

Based on previous ticket backlog.

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