Ticket Parser for Zendesk

Our parsing app extracts relevant information from the Zendesk ticket and updates it to custom fields.

All Information in one Place

  • Populate customer data automatically in Zendesk
  • Automate customer support process
  • Prevent errors and missing information

Extract String Information by Pattern

The Ticket Parser app automates manual data entry on Zendesk and allows your agents to focus on the most significant tasks.

Through regular expressions, it’s easy to extract information from the Zendesk tickets. Set up the Ticket Parser in 2 minutes and improve your Zendesk workflow today. Try our 14-day free trial now.

Knots Parsing App

Start Using the Ticket Parser

Install the Ticket Parser app via Zendesk Market Place for free

No code-needed

Set up the app easily through regular expressions.

Zendesk Ticket Parser FAQ

Learn more about merging duplicate tickets in Zendesk.

You can install the knot’s parsing app in only two minutes following these easy steps:

1. Go to the Zendesk Marketplace and search for ‘parser’. Click on the app and then on the ‘install’ button.
2. Select your Zendesk account and you will be transferred to your Zendesk instance.
3. By clicking ‘install’ the knots app will be added to your navigation.

1. On the upper right part, click on the ‘create a trigger’ button.
2. Select the field for the information to be parsed.
3. Add a specific tag for routine and internal purposes.

Use regular expressions to identify the string you want to extract. Once you’re done, click on create and remember to activate it. Congratulations! you’re all set.

If you need any assistance you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

1. New ticket is created or updated in Zendesk via incoming customer support requests by telephone, email, social, etc.
2. Ticket Parser will search for patterns via regular expressions.
3. The information is found on the ticket.
4. The information is extracted and automatically updated via custom ticket fields.
5. Optionally a tag is set on the ticket if the value is found. This enables further automation.

Ticket Parser will automatically populate fields in Zendesk from incoming support requests such as Name, Email, Order ID, Date of order, Tracking number, etc. In this way, customer service support staff are aided in helping their customer in real-time as they no longer need to rely on other departments to provide customer order information.

The user registration and account setup, including the subscription activation, is done without any interference from Knots.
Once a trigger is created, the Ticket Parser App creates a webhook in Zendesk. An interface facilitates the creation and configuration of the triggers.
A new ticket is created or updated in Zendesk according to the rules and the conditions that are set. The information is sent through the webhook to the Parser Endpoint.
The Ticket Parser searches for the strings to check patterns. Once it’s found, a tag will automatically be added to the ticket, our middleware solution will look if there is any string to be replaced and will add the result to the ticket field.

Not your use case?

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