Change Ticket Requester

Automatically find contact information and change the ticket requester.


Automated Requester Update

Instantly recognizes and updates the requester's information in tickets.

Pattern Recognition

Utilizes advanced pattern detection to identify correct requester details.

Auto reply to end-user

Send an automated response to the final customer directly when the ticket is created.

Collect data from scanned documents

Collect data from scanned documents: Combine the Change Requester App with OCR for PDF and Scanned Documents by Knots to extract contact information from attachments into Requester Fields.

Change the Ticket Requester in Zendesk
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Reduce Labor Costs

Automate repetitive tasks, alleviating the workload on your support team and decreasing labor costs

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A Quick Solution to Update the Requester Field

The Knots Change Requester App is a solution that is simple and ready to use.

Once the app is installed in your Zendesk instance, the webhook is automatically created, and through the app, you can set up a new trigger.

Here you can search for a pattern in the text string you want to extract and update the ticket requester field. For our solution, we use RegularExpressions.

Zendesk automation to change the ticket requester

In this example, I am using the following use case:

  1. A customer submits a request form from a third-party partner.
  2. The web form generates an email that is forwarded to your support team.
  3. A new ticket is created in Zendesk.
  4. The ticket requester is the email address of your partner.
  5. You want to be able to reply directly to the customer, the original requester.
  6. Using the Ticker Parser you can identify patterns (in this case the email address of the user) and update the ticket requester field.

The Ticket Parser for Zendesk allows you to read information from different parts of the ticket, such as Ticket TitleTicket Description, and Ticket Comments. Here you see a list of all the placeholders supported by Zendesk.

It can be combined with other modules, for example, the OCR that reads the content from scanned documents and parses its content into ticket comments.


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