Integrate Shopify and Zendesk: Supercharge your Customer Support

integrate shopify and zendesk

As a business owner, your priority is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Ensuring customer satisfaction and promptly resolving any issues are crucial for the success and growth of your business. Fortunately, you have access to two powerful platforms, Shopify and Zendesk, which can help you build an e-commerce storefront and effectively manage customer support. However, utilizing these platforms separately can result in manual work, duplicated data, and frustration for both you and your customers. 

By using our Shopify Event Sync app, you can revolutionize your support operations. Instantly respond to customer inquiries, access comprehensive context for each interaction, and eliminate redundant tasks. You can now streamline your workflows, enhance agent productivity, and deliver exceptional service. Bid farewell to outdated practices and propel your support operations into the future.

Key Features and Capabilities of Shopify and Zendesk Integration

With the help of Shopify Event Sync, you gain access to a range of valuable features designed to enhance your customer service operations. 

Shopify Event Sync allows users to sync specific data fields and workflows between Zendesk and Shopify. You have full control and flexibility over what information is shared between the two systems. For example, you can choose to sync customer emails but not phone numbers or sync order statuses but not line items. The level of integration can be tailored to your needs. Every time a new ticket is created, Shopify Event Sync will fetch the existing information from Shopify to enrich the dedicated ticket fields in Zendesk or it will allow you to create tickets in Zendesk based on the events in Shopify (like cancellation or abandoned cart), making it easy for your customer service team to stay on top of the events.

Seamless Order Management

Sync orders from Shopify to Zendesk automatically. Create tickets directly from orders and include details like customer information, products purchased, and order status in the tickets. Update orders in Shopify when tickets are solved in Zendesk. No more manual importing of orders or toggling between systems.

Automated Ticket Creation

Automatically generate tickets and receive notifications in Zendesk based on events in Shopify like new orders or order status changes (cancelations or refunds). Counter abandoned shopping carts by creating Zendesk tickets every time the customer leaves your shop without finalizing the purchase. Include relevant order details in the tickets to give agents context and enable quick resolution. Reduce human error and speed up response times.

Unified Customer Profiles

Link customer profiles across both platforms to access complete customer information in one place. View customer order history, lifetime value, notes, and marketing opt-ins directly within Zendesk. Save the relevant information directly in the designated custom fields. Provide personalized support based on a customer’s full profile.

How to customize your customer support workflows across Shopify and Zendesk

Once you have connected your Shopify and Zendesk accounts, you can customize your customer support workflows to streamline communication and provide the best experience for your customers.

Ticket Prioritization

After integrating Zendesk and Shopify, start automatically prioritizing tickets based on customer attributes like lifetime spend or plan type. For example, you may want to prioritize tickets from high-value customers or flag tickets from customers on trial plans. You can set up views in Zendesk to filter tickets by these attributes.

Automated Responses

Create event-based triggers in Zendesk to send automated responses for common inquiries like order confirmations or shipping updates. For example, if a customer writes you an email asking about the delivery status, have a trigger in place that would send an automated response, including the tracking link fetched directly from Shopify for the customer’s order. This helps provide quick, efficient service for routine customer contacts.

FAQs: Shopify and Zendesk Integration

Once you have connected your Shopify store and Zendesk account, you may have some questions about how the integration works and what capabilities it provides. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Shopify and Zendesk integration:

How does the integration sync data between Shopify and Zendesk?

The integration syncs customer data, orders, products, and store information between your Shopify store and Zendesk account automatically and in real-time. Customer profiles, order details, and product details will be available directly in Zendesk. Agents no longer need to manually look up customer information in Shopify.

Will my existing Zendesk tickets and customer data be synced?

No, unless a new ticket is produced, the old Zendesk tickets, customer profiles, etc. won’t be instantly synced. The customer profiles and organization settings will only sync with the related information in your Shopify store when a new ticket is created. Moving forward, new tickets and customers will automatically sync. 

Can I customize the data and workflows synced between Shopify and Zendesk?

Yes, the integration allows you to select specific data fields and workflows to sync. You have full control and flexibility over what information is shared between the two systems. For example, you can choose to sync customer emails but not phone numbers or sync order statuses but not line items. The level of integration can be tailored to your needs.

Can I uninstall the integration?

Yes, the integration can be uninstalled at any time. Uninstalling the integration will stop the automatic syncing of data between your Shopify store and Zendesk account. However, any data that has already been shared between the two systems will remain. Your Shopify webhooks, Zendesk triggers, and other automations will continue to function independently.

The integration provides a robust and customizable solution for connecting your Shopify e-commerce store and Zendesk customer support platform. Please contact our support team if you have any other questions about setting up or using the Shopify and Zendesk integration.


As you can see, integrating Shopify and Zendesk streamlines ticket management and improves customer satisfaction. By integrating these sophisticated platforms, you’ll eliminate manual data entry and ensure fast first responses. Because of the streamlined workflow, your support team will be able to focus on providing excellent customer service rather than administrative responsibilities. They’ll be able to answer fast because they’ll have all the information they need within the Zendesk ticket.

Book a free consultation with the Knots team to see how Shopify and Zendesk integration may help you boost customer service and open new business prospects. Our team will assess your workflow and explain how we can further enhance your Zendesk experience. Don’t put off starting today to reap the benefits of faster workflows, decreased manual labor, and centralized data. Your consumers will appreciate it, and your firm will prosper as a result.

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