Zendesk Ticket Language Detection

Multilingual Support with Zendesk Ticket Language Detection

Navigating language barriers in customer support is a common challenge for businesses with a global audience. At Knots, we understand this struggle firsthand. That’s why we’ve developed a solution to help companies effectively address language barriers in their support tickets.

With our new application, you can automatically identify the language of your Zendesk support tickets and route them to the appropriate team for quicker resolution. This blog will explain how Knots streamlines this process and enhances customer support efficiency.

A Solution – Automated Zendesk Language Detection

We suggest that multilingual customer support can be improved through faster ticket resolution. A new Knots Automated Language Detection application seamlessly integrates with Zendesk to address language identification in incoming support tickets. Unlike traditional methods that rely solely on user-defined language settings, Knots takes a proactive approach by autonomously detecting the language of each ticket upon creation and tagging it accordingly.

The workflow of Zendesk language detection is simple yet effective. Here’s how it works: when a user submits a ticket in Zendesk, Knots springs into action, analyzing the text to pinpoint its language. Take, for instance, a user submitting a ticket in Dutch while their Zendesk language setting remains English. Knots quickly recognizes the ticket’s language and updates the user’s language profile accordingly.

Moreover, Knots’ language detection feature can seamlessly automate ticket language translation, especially in scenarios where no agents are proficient in the language. Once the language has been identified, you can route the ticket to trigger your preferred translation app. We’re currently working on a translation app.

The application ensures swift assistance from linguistically adept support agents and facilitates language translations when needed, ultimately enhancing response times and customer satisfaction.

Streamline Your Global Support

Let’s illustrate with an example: Before integrating the Knots Automated Language Detection application for Zendesk, a global e-commerce company faces challenges due to Zendesk’s single language limitation. 

This limitation requires their support team to manually identify the language of each incoming ticket, resulting in time-consuming processes and potential errors. Consequently, there are delays in response times, misrouted tickets, and decreased customer satisfaction.

However, with the integration of Knots into their Zendesk platform, the company can experience a significant improvement in its support operations:

  • Knots swiftly detects the language of each ticket, regardless of whether it’s French, Dutch, or any other language. This automation eliminates the need for manual language selection by agents, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Then, tickets are automatically tagged with the detected language, ensuring they are routed to agents fluent in that language. This results in precise and appropriate responses quickly delivered to customers.
  • By eliminating the manual task of language detection and tagging, Knots frees up agents to focus on providing excellent customer service. This can boost team productivity and create a smoother support workflow.
  • Finally, the automatic tagging of tickets with the correct language provides valuable insights into language distribution among support inquiries. These insights enable the company to identify trends, allocate resources effectively, and make informed decisions to optimize support operations and enhance efficiency further.

Test the Ticket Language Detection for Free

Using automated language detection makes Zendesk’s single language limitation a thing of the past. By offering accuracy in language identification, Knots empowers businesses to streamline their support processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster trust on a global scale.

Explore the innovative functionalities of the new Knots Language Detection application and reach out to our team for additional assistance in automating your team’s workflow seamlessly.

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