Summarize Tickets in Zendesk for Faster Support

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Managing customer support tickets in Zendesk can often be as demanding as it is crucial. Not all tickets that arrive in Zendesk are straightforward. Often, they come from interactions that have already made their way through various channels, like chatbots, before reaching a human agent.

Each ticket represents a unique customer interaction that has evolved through various stages. Interpreting each ticket to fully grasp the customer’s issue consumes valuable time—time that could otherwise be used in responding to the customer. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for a ticket, once understood, to be routed to a different department, adding another layer of delay. 

These delays in response times can adversely impact customer satisfaction.

In this blog, we will discuss how these complexities can be streamlined and introduce a method to automate ticket summarization in Zendesk, aiming to enhance response efficiency and overall service quality.

Challenges That Support Agents Face

When dealing with unstructured and complex tickets in Zendesk, customer support agents can come across obstacles. Below, we have distinguished five key challenges.

1. Time-consuming analysis:

Unstructured tickets often contain large amounts of information that is not organized clearly. Agents must spend extra time parsing through the text to understand the issue, which can slow down response times. Moreover, without clear information, agents might take varied approaches to solving similar issues, leading to inconsistency in support quality and customer satisfaction.

2. Difficulty in prioritization:

Without clear, structured information, determining the urgency or priority of a ticket becomes challenging. This can result in critical issues being delayed or mishandled, further complicating the support process.

3. Miscommunication risks:

Complex and unstructured tickets increase the risk of misunderstandings. Agents may misinterpret the customer’s issue or miss important details, leading to incorrect or incomplete resolutions. This miscommunication can frustrate customers and reduce their trust in the support team.

4. Increased cognitive load:

Handling unstructured tickets requires more mental effort as agents need to extract relevant details and make sense of the problem. This can lead to quicker burnout and decreased efficiency over time, impacting overall productivity and job satisfaction.

5. Automated tools limitation:

Zendesk’s automated tools, such as ticket routing and categorization, rely on structured data. Unstructured tickets can limit the effectiveness of these tools, leading to inefficient handling and routing of tickets, which further delays resolutions.

Automatically Summarize Tickets as an Internal Comment in Zendesk

To counter these challenges, we developed the AI Ticket Summary application for Zendesk. This tool is designed to assist customer support agents in managing unstructured and complex tickets more effectively. Here are the key benefits and reasons why this tool is an excellent solution:

  • Relevant Information at Hand. Knots AI summarizes the key points from a ticket, providing agents with the most relevant information at a glance. This reduces the time spent reading and understanding lengthy and unstructured tickets, allowing quicker and more accurate responses. Additionally, the application ensures that summaries follow a consistent format, standardizing the resolution process across different agents and enhancing support quality.
  • Streamlined and Historical Context. For tickets involving long conversations, especially those transferred from chatbots, Knots AI condenses the dialogue into a concise summary. The tool’s ability to refine complex information into essential points eases the cognitive load on agents. This helps agents quickly catch up on the context and previous interactions, ensuring continuity and coherence in customer support.
  • Improved Automated Tools. By structuring complex data, Knots AI enhances the effectiveness of Zendesk’s automated tools, such as ticket routing and categorization. This leads to more efficient ticket handling and better resource allocation, improving the overall efficiency of the support process.

The tool utilizes OpenAI’s technology. You can use your own account in ChatGPT, or if you don’t have one, you automatically use ours. Knots uses Microsoft Azure to connect with OpenAI, providing an extra layer of security.

Simplify Your Tickets with AI 

Our AI application is quick and easy to set up, taking only two minutes. We also provide a 14-day free trial, ensuring no risk to you. 

If you are ready to test it for free, install the app directly from the Zendesk Marketplace and discover the benefits of the AI Ticket Summary by Knots.Still not sure how it’s gonna work? Contact our support team to show you a demo or answer your questions regarding technical capabilities and price.