Multilingual Support with Zendesk Ticket Language Detection

Zendesk Ticket Language Detection

Navigating language barriers in customer support is a common challenge for businesses with a global audience. At Knots, we understand this struggle firsthand. That’s why we’ve developed a solution to help companies effectively address language barriers in their support tickets. With our new application, you can automatically identify the language of your Zendesk support tickets […]

Extending Zendesk’s Functionality Through Applications

Zendesk Applications

Did you know that you can significantly improve your Zendesk workflow with both Zendesk external applications and Zendesk internal applications? If you’ve been using Zendesk for customer support and engagement, you’re already on the right track. But what if we told you that there’s even more to discover within the Zendesk ecosystem? The key lies […]

How to Use Proactive Messages in Customer Service

proactive messages in customer service

Proactive messages refer to communications initiated by a business or customer service provider to engage with users or customers without waiting for them to take the first step. These messages are designed to anticipate user needs, provide valuable information, and enhance the overall customer experience. In the context of customer service, proactive messages can be […]

Integrate Shopify and Zendesk: Supercharge your Customer Support

integrate shopify and zendesk

As a business owner, your priority is to provide an exceptional customer experience. Ensuring customer satisfaction and promptly resolving any issues are crucial for the success and growth of your business. Fortunately, you have access to two powerful platforms, Shopify and Zendesk, which can help you build an e-commerce storefront and effectively manage customer support. […]

Mastering Customer Experience: Unleash the Power of Zendesk Sentiment Analysis

zendesk sentiment analysis

As businesses strive to stand out from the competition by providing their customers with exceptional experiences, understanding customer sentiment has become paramount. Powered by NLP, sentiment analysis technology has made it possible to systematically analyze customer sentiment and automate actions based on those sentiments. This has enabled businesses to gain valuable insights into customer emotions […]

Automatically Change the Requester in Zendesk Based on Ticket Content​

Change the Ticket Requester in Zendesk

Imagine the requester of your Zendesk ticket is actually not the one you received the Email from, but the requester is mentioned somewhere in the ticket text. Find out here how to update the requester field through an easy and automated process. Learn how to save time without the need to search for the information […]