Streamline Workflows with Email Automation

A hassle-free email automation solution that effortlessly creates tasks from any email provider to your Monday board.

Effortless Email-to-Task Creation Solution For Your Projects

The right solution enables users to create tasks on Monday directly from Outlook, seamlessly and efficiently managing tasks on the Monday board.

Seamless Integration

Configure your task management board easily with any email provider, including Microsoft Outlook. Our dedicated support can assist Outlook users with any setup issues.

Better Task Management

With Knots Studio, you can consolidate tasks and relevant email information, including assignees, attachments, and more, in one place, ensuring nothing slips from the track.

Coding Knowledge Is Not Needed

Our intuitive solution supports users of all technical levels with email integrations, automation rules, and task management on, ensuring smoother workflows.

Enhanced Productivity and Scalability

Creating a task from from emails saves time and reduces manual effort for business managers and individuals. This boosts productivity and supports scaling task management as projects become more complex.

Start using our solution for free. Integrate with to create tasks from emails and enhance your business workflow.

Key Features of Knots Studio Email Automation Solution

Easy Email Forwarding

Users set up an MS Outlook rule to forward emails to their custom Knots email address, retrieving relevant information from Outlook mailboxes. This helps solve automation challenges on, making tasks more efficient by cutting down on manual data entry and repetitive work.

Absolute Information Accessibility

Setting up an email rule makes using the task creation solution easy. Our solution lets any email sent to your custom Knots address smoothly turn into a Monday board task, where you can access all email details like attachments, assignments, due dates, and instructions.

Automated Task Assignment Using Email Fields

Our automated email solution can access sender and recipient information to assign tasks within the dashboard. This helps streamline task assignment processes and ensures tasks are routed efficiently to the right individuals or teams.